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Kein Kiel

Artist: Various

Year: 1980
Country: Germany
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 Fun Funeral - Meetings
A2 Fun Funera l- I Don't Care
A3 Fun Funeral - Paranoia
A4 Fun Funeral - Suicide
A5 Fun Funeral - No Time
A6 Inzucht und Ordnung - Irrenanstalt
A7 Inzucht und Ordnung - Nightmare
A8 Inzucht und Ordnung - Ich Träum Vom Krieg
A9 Inzucht und Ordnung - Flüstern
A10 Lustgalgen - Something I Hate
A11 Lustgalgen - Zeit Zum Krieg
A12 Lustgalgen- My Bonnie
A13 No Horizon - For Your Love
A14 No Horizon - Indian Ali
A15 No Horizon - There's Noone
A16 No Horizon - Livin' On The Backseat
B1 No More - Nothing Ever Changes
B2 No More - Too Late
B3 No More - Im Winter/It's A Heartache
B4 No More - Maybe Someday
B5 No More - Disco Kisses
B6 No More - Dead Child
B7 Pfusch - unknown
B8 Pfusch - Oh Dear Mothermine
B9 Pfusch - You Better Take Care
B10 Pfusch - What Do You Think That I Am
B11 Pfusch - Ich Will Das Alles Gar Nicht
B12 Pfusch - Black Love/White Love
B13 Rafgier - Glasscherben
B14 Rafgier - DIN 4600
B15 Rafgier - Kalender
B16 Rafgier - Vision Nr. 3
B17 Rafgier - Umgebung
B18 Rafgier - Teddyboy
B19 Rafgier - Ab In Die Lava
Tape comes with 8 A4 inserts, one for each band (and one with the track-list)