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Kubus Kassettes

Years running:
Country: Netherlands
Description: Kubus Kassettes (sometimes also called Kubus Cassettes) was a Dutch cassette label, founded in 1980 by Rob Smit. Rob Smit himself was musically responsible for several releases (sometimes under his own name, sometimes under various guises), but he also published a lot of music from other people, such as Act Of God, Pain and Enno Velthuys. Many of the releases of Kubus are quite ambient and abstract, but also industrial music, soundscapes, objets trouvées and even nearly mainstream rock were released through Kubus. At the end of 1981, Rob realised that he did far more than releasing cassettes on a cassette label. Amongst his music activities there were a studio, distribution channel of all kinds of underground music from all over the world (releaed on cassette of course), music courses, a cassette shop and of course the label itself. He started to use the name Kubus Kommunikaties (or Kubus Communicaties) for all these activities. From the beginning of 1982 he also introduced a more uniform sleeve design concept and he reissued the early releases (KK 001 to KK 006) in this new sleeve concept. He used by then the label name Kubus Kommunikaties for the cassette releases as well, but later on he returned using Kubus Kassettes again (with the addition that it was a subdivsion of Kubus Kommunikaties). To make things even more complicated the last cassettes (from 1984 on) were released partly under the label name Kubus Cassettes (mentioned on the sleeve but on the sticker on the cassette itself the name Kubus Kassettes was still being used) and the first one was previously released under the name Q-bus Kassettes. Anyway, for the sake of getting things properly catagorized here on Discogs, all cassette releases are indexed under Kubus Kassettes. In 1984 Rob Smit decided that he could not make a living out of music and he started to sell photographs, which he still does (under the name of Viceversa).