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La Ville, Les Catastrophes et la TV...

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: France
Catalog No: Rare Produx No.13
Format: Tape
A1 –Jack This Is My City  
A2 –Flagrants D'Eli Les Murs  
A3 –No Unauthorized Hiroshima (Live 88)  
A4 –The Appliances (3) Red Brigades  
A5 –Los Paranos 89 Picture Of Policemen  
A5 –Fatma Hand Je Suis Des Poetes  
A6 –Schaum Der Tage Leben Und Sterbenn  
A7 –Nada Sed Non Siata  
A8 –Flagrants D'Eli Nogent, Terminus !!  
A9 –Camenbert Basque Scatovision  
B1 –Sonotones Analphabet City  
B2 –Deleted Back To Town  
B3 –J. Sus Chris T. Communication Breakdown  
B4 –The Appliances Riot Squad  
B5 –Psychedelic Boys Savant Fou  
B6 –Kriegbereit headaches  
B7 –Doken Crux Crime 103  
B8 –Black Flowers Voices  
B9 –No Unauthorized Plus Personne