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Laxative Souls (LXSS)

Alias: LXSS
Gender: Male
Country: Italy
Better known as LXSS, it was a solo project operating from 1980 to 1985 by Robert MARINELLI, an Italian composer exploring the industrial avant- garde of rock music and power electronics genres, who is also known under the EVITAXAL moniker and for running an independent record label MULTIPLE CONFIGURATION. His compositions relied on the cacophonous sound of analogue synthesizers, a drum machine and self-made devices for shortcircuiting. This was supplemented with antimusical collages, excerpts from documentary films or radio broadcasts and highly distorted vocals. The lyrics and artwork were concerned with disillusionment with the cultural condition of the society, its hypocrisy and dubious values, and at the same time provoked with references to the horrors of WW2, serial killers and terrorism. Discography: Twist And Decease (Multiple Configuration 1982) tape Desinfektionsraum (Multiple Configuration 1984) tape Tabu (Multiple Configuration 1984) LP split with MASAKI Pvon Musik (Stratosphere Music 1984) tape