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Leather Nun

Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
A Swedish rock group, operating from 1979 to 2009, it was started by Jonas ALMQUIST, Bengt ARONSSON, Freddie WADLING and Gert CLAESSON. Initially, they were inspired by the industrial avant-garde of rock music, which resulted in their very first releases, a vinyl 7” and a cassette, being published on the INDUSTRIAL RECORDS label. The artwork to the single, featuring a photograph of an Italian student dying from fatal burns, was designed by Peter CHRISTOPHERSON, and the re-issue included a live version of Slow Death with guest appearance from GENESIS P-ORRIDGE (on violin) and Monte CAZAZZA (on synthesizer). Beginning with their notorious and controversial live performances in the early 1980s, the peak of their acclaim came the same decade and continued until the early 1990s. In 1995 the project was shelved following diminishing popularity and finan- cial difficulties. 2005 and 2009 saw some attempts to reactivate it, but the band failed to move on further than giving a few concerts. Selected discography: Slow Death EP (Industrial Records 1979) 7” EP At Scala Cinema, London / Music Palais Kungsgatan (Industrial Records 1980) tape Slow Death (Criminal Damage Records 1984) LP