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Lignes Paralleles Et Anfractousitisme

Artist: Ecole Classique Anfractuosité

Year: 1980
Country: France
Catalog No: Illusion Production, IP 006
Format: Tape
A Untitled  
B Untitled  
Cassette tape (C-60) with handmade cover, supposedly released as a limited edition of 30 copies only. It features some kind of "fake-lecture" in french - NO music here, just spoken word.

The name "Ecole Classique Anfratousité" is handwritten on the front cover (with black pencil) inbetween the title of the cassette, "Lignes Paralleles Et Anfractousitisme", and some subtitle/other release information ("700 000t à 100km/h dans le Brouillard - ILLUSION PRODUCTION"). It is not really clear if this is the name of the actual artists. It is more likely that this name is some moniker of D.D.A.A. (Déficit Des Années Anterièures), the band that runs Illusion Production.

There is no tracklisting to be found anywhere on the cover or cassette tape. The cassette tape is a grey TDK C-60 with "Lignes paralleles et Anfractousitisme" handwritten on the label of Side A and "produit par Illusion Production IP006" handwritten on the label of Side B (with black pencil).

The cover is a sheet of white paper (A4) printed on both sides (text and diagrams), folded to fit into a regular cassette box. The following informations are written on the inside of the cover:

"700 000t à 100km/h dans le Brouillard. Organe central du Front de Brouillage International No. 8. Arsenal FdB Int propose:
- Exposé sur les congrés du Front et la définition des lignes parallèles.
- Commentaires sur les Diagrammes de K et L'Antifractousitisme.
- Commentaires sur L'Effet JPF sur Diagrammes de K.
- Notes sur la Bunkerologie et L'Anfractousitisme.

Archives ARSENAL FdB Int
IP 006

Enregistré au Souterrain Scientifique - production ILLUSION PRODUCTION, 15 rue Pierre Curie, 14120 Mondeville.

IP 006

Archives sonores: ARSENAL FdB Int.

c IP 1980"