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Lilith (Scott Gibbons)

Gender: Male
Description: A solo project by Scott GIBBONS (b. 1969), an American audiovisual installation maker and composer exploring the experimental post- industrial, ambient and contemporary varieties of musique concre?te. He is also known from the ORBITRONIC duo he formed with Brian LADD, and from appearing with a rock band STRAWBERRY. His first compositions relied on collages prepared on tapes and the sound of self-modified elec- tronic devices. A turning point in his career was a highly acclaimed album Stone (1992), involving the sounds of rubbed or split stones and rocks, subtly processed with electronic devices. The next releases were con- ceptual works, revolving around exploration of the nature of sound at an inaudible level, which was obtained from both natural sources, such as the aquatic environment, pulsars or natural phenomena, and in a synthetic manner through the application of available technologies, e.g. the modi- fied voice of Aleister CROWLEY, radio static, and self-made synthesizers. He has also participated in numerous inter-disciplinary projects, compo- sing music for theatre plays, multimedia performances, and painting and sculpture exhibitions. Discography: Nipple Runs (White Noise 1987) tape The Taboos Of The Lashing Creeper (White Noise 1990) tape