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Live 1986

Artist: Galen Herod

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
a1 Galen Herod: LIVE!  
a2 61 People  
a3 The Collapse of All Known Thought  
a4 A Nice Man  
a5 Start the Party Early  
a6 Women Want Everything  
a7 I Hate My Life  
a8 Phil  
a9 A Big Ship is Coming  
b1 The Big Hit  
b2 Fish Always Move  
b3 Why Can't People Just Be Happy?  
b4 What He's Going Through  
b5 Flibbit Gibbit!  
b6 The Pig Story  
b7 My Girl  
all music provided by the 8 bit Mirage sampler with keyboard and
a used accordion I found. My goal was to sound like a badly
recorded band, bringing the cassette experience to the stage.
cover artwork by the late Karen Hestenes.
She and her sister Helen approached me after a show. Helen said "My friend is blind, and she drew you", after they saw my astounded look, because the drawing is so accurate, they started laughing and Helen said "She's not blind, and she's my sister, Karen!"