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Live AZ Freiburg 07.10.84

Artist: Upright Citizens

Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 Holocaust  
A2 Liddle Towers  
A3 Flowers & Slippers  
A4 New Song  
A5 London's Burning  
A6 You Make Me Sick  
A7 Pseudo Punk  
A8 Here Comes A Noise  
A9 Is It Alright  
A10 Leave Me Alone  
A11 Out Of Control  
A12 Fuck The Cops  
A13 Chrash Course  
A14 I Hate Church  
B1 Alle Popper Raus  
B2 Gib Nicht Auf  
B3 Neo Nazis In Der BRD  
B4 Scum Of The Earth  
B5 Bombs Of Peace  
B6 I'am Not You  
B7 Nothin To Say  
B8 Lilli Marleen  
B9 PC 1984  
Live Im Gartenhäuschen März + Mai '81
Handwritten insert included.