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Live At The LMC

Artist: Møb & Apostles

Year: 1983
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Cause for Concern, CFC 015
Format: Tape
A –The Apostles (3) Untitled  
B –The Mob (3) Untitled  
Pacifist PA Promotions. Recorded 22nd January 1983 at the London Musicians Collective.

No Track information is given. Actually released on generic blank cassettes with no information printed on them.

Track List [Uncredited]:
A1 - Skin Deep
A2 - Fucking Queer
A3 - Proletarian Autonomy
A4 - Pigs For Slaughter
A5 - Alienation

B1 - Cry Of The Morning
B2 - Gates Of Hell
B3 - Raised In A Prison
B4 - Dance On You Fool
B5 - Our Life Our World
B6 - Witch Hunt