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Live In Essen / The Penetrant Crack Inspection

Artist: Tecnica Material / Ventral Metaphor

Year: 1991
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Bestattungsinstitut, BI-048
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
 Tecnica Material - Live In Essen
A1 Tecnica Material - Not Apartheid
A2 Tecnica Material - Los Que Sufren
A3 Tecnica Material– Túnel A4 Tecnica Material– Union Carbide A5 Tecnica Material– Lanza De Oxígeno
A6 Tecnica Material– Procedimiento De Wiberg
A7 Tecnica Material– Draga De Succión
A8 Tecnica Material– Metal Check Ventral Metaphor - The Penetrant Crack Inspection
B1 Ventral Metaphor– Black Or White? B2 Ventral Metaphor– Lavander Legs
B3 Ventral Metaphor– Viscosity
B4 Ventral Metaphor– Vostok Diskow
B5 Ventral Metaphor– Come On To The Crucifix
B6 Ventral Metaphor - I Saw Light In Your Room
B7 Ventral Metaphor - All The Hits And More
B8 Ventral Metaphor - Hakebrains World
B9 Ventral Metaphor - Murder By Telephone
B10 Ventral Metaphor - Kissinger’s Cock
Released in a color photocopied cover (slight variations are known to exist). Unstickered C60 tape.