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Louisiana Live

Artist: Animation Festival

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
  Halloween Side
A1 Twisted  
A2 Geraldo Talks  
A3 I Love Her All The Time  
A4 All Hail Salad  
A5 NaziDeathMarch Leftover  
  New Years Side
B1 Coming  
B2 Mudslide  
B3 Mark Says Okay  
B4 Leisure Cove  
B5 'Serhead  
B6 Cabbages  
B7 Takeover  
B8 NaziDeathMarch  
  • Performer [Halloween People] – Jeff Nugent (tracks: A1 to A5), Michael Behaviour (tracks: A1 to A5), Otto Inri (tracks: A1 to A5)
  • Performer [New Years People] – Boss (34) (tracks: B1 to B8), Mark Stephans (tracks: B1 to B8), Michael Behaviour (tracks: B1 to B8), Michael Pitard (tracks: B1 to B8), Rhoda (4) (tracks: B1 to B8), Tim (181) (tracks: B1 to B8)
All recorded 1988. An end of an era.

The New Year side also features "a number of anonyme who just wandered onstage and grabbed something."