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Love, Death & Mussolini

Artist: Porcupine Tree

Year: 1989
Country: United States
Catalog No: No Mans Land
Format: Tape
  The Extended Player
A1 Hymn 1:22
A2 Footprints 5:56
A3 Linton Samuel Dawson 3:04
A4 And The Swallows Dance Above The Sun 4:12
A5 Queen Quotes Crowley 4:40
  The Extra Material
B1 No Luck With Rabbits 0:45
B2 Begonia Seduction Scene 2:40
B3 Out 8:53
B4 It Will Rain For A Million Years 4:08
Companies, etc.
  • Recorded At – No Man's Land (3)
  • Drums, Percussion – Expanding Flan* (tracks: A1 to A5)
  • Organ, Mellotron, Keyboards – Sir Tarquin Underspoon (tracks: A1 to A5)
  • Producer – JC Camillioni, Porcupine Tree*
  • Programmed By, Effects [Soundscapes] – JC Camillioni (tracks: A1 to A5)
  • Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass – Porcupine Tree* (tracks: A1 to A5)
All of side A and tracks B1 and B2 ended up on Side A of The Nostalgia Factory. Track B3 was later released on the vinyl version of Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape. Track B4 has never appeared anywhere else, althought its name was reused for a different track that appeared on The Nostalgia Factory.

"Love, Death and Mussolini" is an E.P.
E.P. stands for "extended player"
An "extended player" is longer than a single but not long enough to be called an L.P. (a long player).
Here then are 3 songs and 2 instrumentals, new material from the band Porcupine Tree.
These 5 tracks last for about 20 minutes in total. 20 minutes is a good duration for an "extended player".
However, "Love, Death and Mussolini" takes advantage of the cassette medium by including an additional 17 minutes of music taking it to L.P. (long player) length.
This is known as "value for money".
In the music industry it is known as "marketing".
Do your accounting to the sound of Porcupine Tree.

A1 to A5 recorded at No Man's Land and Periscope Station Spring - Summer 1989

B1 recorded at Periscope Station Spring 1989. The entire sound content of the piece is a recording of a musical box. This recording is then speeded up, slowed down, reversed and overdubbed several times to create the final musical experience.

B2: A fragment lifted from a 4 track demo recorded at Periscope Station in October 1987.

B3 recorded live in Paris July 14 1989 and overdubbed and remixed at No Man's Land October 1989.

B4 recorded at No Man's Land October 1989.
Produced for hidden art.

About 10 original copies in existence. The tape, because of its value, has been bootlegged and sold as "original". However, original copies came with a handwritten letter by Steven Wilson and a 3-page A4-sized booklet with mostly imaginary credits.