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Artist: Lustmord

Year: 1981
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Sterile Records, SR3
Format: Vinyl Lp


Two LP pressings on Sterile:
• Limited edition of 500 copies with white sleeve comes with folded 297mm×210mm (DIN-A4) inlet, 2 postcards and a smaller card. [THIS VERSION]
• Second edition of 500 copies with grey sleeve.

Thanks to: Geff Rushton, Monte Cazazza, Reg Sailyne, Caroline K., Andy, Nigel, SPK, Glenn Michael Wallis, Robin Wood
"live in a konstant state of paranoia-therefore awareness"
"attakk dekay thee world today... kredo-nemo"

On the first side there are 3 tracks/sound bits not indicated on the release, none of which have any official names.
The first one, "The Valley of Death" is a nursery rhyme lasting 35 seconds and come right before the first track.
The second one is of a girl talking about having her kickers ripped off. This one lasts about 15 seconds and comes before track two.
The third one is the longest at about 1:30 mins and fades right into Murderwrecker. Its a sample from a [real?] US anti-communist film which is pretty funny to listen to.
All three of these samples were omitted from this CD release: Lustmord - A Document Of Early Acoustic & Tactical Experimentation
Oddly enough the CD contains one sound bite at the end of the last track that is not listed nor included on the original LP.