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MT's Bored of Directors

Artist: Various

Year: 0
Catalog No: Empty Records MT 11
Format: Tape
  01.Revenge of the Greature (Maniacs)
02.Violence (Maniacs)
03.They saved Hitlers brain (Love Canal)
04.Jimmy Closet (Love Canal)
05.Start New (Breakout)
06.Get up and go (Donald`s Horden)
07.No attitude (Donald`s Horden)
08.The night the cows danced pogo (Donald`s Horden)
09.Flash (Christ On Paraue)
10.KKK (Inferno)
11.Zukunft (Urlaub im Rollstuhl)
12.Urlaub im Rollstuhl (Urlaub im Rollstuhl)
13.Morgen gut gekotzt (Urlaub im Rollstuhl)
14.Dim View (Ministry Of Truth)
15.Heile Welt (Alte Kameraden)
16.Now I wanna be your dog (Vomit Visions)
B Seite
17.Chaos in my head (Asbestos Rockpyle)
18.Bier nix gut (Der Durstige Mann)
19.Hippies (Der Durstige Mann)
20.White Dollar (Amazing Grace)
21.Seems Like A Burden To Me (Capitle)
22.Frankenstein (Wrestling Worms)
23.We're Gonna Fly (Eric Hysteric)
24.Walking Bag Of Bones (Young Alcoholix)
25.Baghwan (Stromberg Polka)
26.Junge Liebe (Stromberg Polka)
27.Kill Some More (Directors Of KGB)
28.Working World (NRK)
29.The Grandma Song (NRK)
30.Plays The Music Of Punk Floyd (Doc Wör Mirran)