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Gender: Male
Description: The main solo project by Andreas VOGEL, a German painter, video artist and composer exploring the areas of experimental post-industrial and art noise genres, also known as a member of VULTURE’S EYE and a reviewer for „AUF ABWEGEN” magazine. Artistically active since 1986, his early compositions were based on monolithic collages produced through experimenting with reel-to-reel tape recorders and multi-effect units. Thematically, they were concerned with technological progress, stormy political and social transformations in Germany, and the negative effect of religion on an individual. In 1993 he dropped the MØHR moniker and assumed a new one, SKRANK! Since 2000 he has operated in the field of sound installation and multimedia performances as ] ARTHUUR [..] VOGELWU?RGER. From 1987 to 1993, initially with Andreas SCHOLZ as a partner, he ran a prolific label ZNS TAPES, renamed GEWALT AM OBJEKT in 1994. Selected discography: Religious Fanaticism (ZNS Tapes 1987) tape split with BESTATTUNGSINSTITUT Schizophrenie (ZNS Tapes 1988) tape Always Female (Tragic Figures 1988) tape