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Message From An Undiscovered Universe

Artist: Jeepees Soap / Hidden Faces

Year: 1990
Country: Belgium
Label: EE Tapes
Catalog No: EE Tapes, DIS04
Format: Tape
A1 Jeepees Soap On The Low Ride
A2 Jeepees Soap Something's Hiding
A3 Jeepees Soap Strangers Song
A4 Jeepees Soap After The Stars It's Done
A5 Jeepees Soap All Alone After All
A6 Jeepees Soap Lost In Control
A7 Jeepees Soap Total Frontiers (1st Version)
B1 Jeepees Soap I Think It's Over The Rainbow
B2 Jeepees Soap Last Temptation
B3 Jeepees Soap Innerchina Space
B4 Hidden Faces (2) The Black Widow
B5 Hidden Faces (2) No Destination
B6 Hidden Faces (2) Brezjnev Song