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Michael Sheridan Tinney

Gender: Male
Country: Australia
Description: Australian guitarist. In 1983, he formed a jaz punk outfit Great White Noise. Soon followed by an improvisation group Slaughter House 3, with Jon Rose and John Gillies. By the mid 1980s, he moved to Melbourne and formed Trans Waste with keyboardist Jamie Fielding. In the late 1980s he formed electro-punk band No with Ollie Olsen and Marie Hoy, and played with Michael Hutchence in band Max Q. He also joined Ollie Olsen in the outfit Eccohomo (also spelt Ecco Homo). Following he formed Dumb And The Ugly with John Murphy and David Brown. Soon after 1990, he joined Peril with Tony Buck, Otomo Yoshihide and Kato Hideki.