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Country: Germany
German rock band established in 1969, when they were known as The Lovely People.
They debuted live in November 1970 under the name of Kraftwerk, until they realised there was another band with the same name, so then they chose the name Mythos.  Always at the core of the band, through many line-up changes, was the multi-instrumental talent Stephan Kaske, who also was the lead singer. Mythos were always largely instrumental, rooted in the acid rock and cosmic sounds of Pink Floyd and Hawkwind, but with a wider sound palette.  The early albums are more cosmic Krautrock, whereas the mid/late 70's incarnation were heavier electronic rock, after which the band fell apart becoming the project of Stephan Kaske alone, doing electro-pop, and later soundtracks and library music. More Sites: Members: Eberhard P. Seidler, Hans-Jürgen Pütz, Harald Weisse, Robby Luizaga, Ronny Schreinzer, Stephan Kaske, Sven Dohrow, Thomas Hildebrand