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Negative Reaction

Artist: Negative Reaction

Year: 1982
Country: Australia
Catalog No: Terse Tapes, TRS012
Format: Tape
Spezification: later edition
A1 Mass Culture 5:11
A2 Street Paranoia 3:32
A3 Frustrate Flats 1:08
A4 The Desert 8:22
A5 Vietnam 11:07
B1 Live - Jubilee + Death Or Victory 20:23
B2 Theme 1 6:19
A different version of the Negative Reaction cassette on Terse Tapes with the same catalog number. The order of tracks is different, Track A4 is an earlier mix of "The Desert", and different live recordings appear on track B1. The cassette has the essentially the same cover as the second color cover of the first release except that the original tracklist has been removed.