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New Blockaders, The / Coil / Vortex Campaign - The New Blockaders / Coil / Vortex Campaign

Artist: Vortex Campaign

Year: 1984
Country: Belgium
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 –The New Blockaders Untitled  
A2 –Coil / The New Blockaders / Vortex Campaign Untitled  
A3 –The New Blockaders Untitled  
A4 –The New Blockaders / Coil / Vortex Campaign Untitled  
B –Vortex Campaign Untitled  
  • Artwork [Visuals] – Vortex Campaign
Packaged in cloth bag with 8 single sided cards with visuals by Vortex Campaign.

Edition of 50 numbered copies.

Side B is credited on the "The Melancholy Mad Tenant" CD as being a collaborative track by Coil / The New Blockaders / Vortex Campaign. It seems most likely that the credits for A4 and B were switched, as A4 does sound like a Vortex Campaign solo track.

The title of this cassette is often given as "Dolbied". However that word appears on the other self-released Vortex Campaign / The New Blockaders cassettes, and seems to only be an indication of tape bias, not the title of the release.