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Nice Noisy Toys

Artist: Fink / Mc Candless

Year: 1984
Country: United States
Label: Bang Utot
Catalog No: Bang Utot, none
Format: Tape
Mark Fink
Bill McCandless
Guitars (tandem and otherwise), tapes, violins, mbira, likimba, radios, and steel sheet.
Improvised and edited October-November, 1983, in Huntsville, Alabama.
We find ourselves happily released from impatience, intimidation, and competition, found in traditional art, to discover surprising forms and textures in freeform improvisation.
We would like to thank (in alphabetical order): Joe, Terry, Keith, Tom, and Bo.
Dolby NR ? & © Bang Utot 1984
Contact address:
Bill McCandless
515 Hermitagewood Drive
Huntsville, Alabama 35806-1818