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No Machine Is Silent

Artist: Various

Year: 1995
Country: United States
Catalog No: Realization Recordings, RZC-018
Format: Tape


A1 THU20 Human Interface 2:23
A2 Crawl Unit Apology (Digital Recombinant Version) 3:38
A3 Richard Ramirez Severance Tool 4:51
A4 Vromb Titanic 8:03
A5 Tranquil (2) Soviet Train Wreck 7:35
A6 Bacillus They're Still Shooting 2:53
B1 Disappointed Intro / Deed 1:26
B2 Asmus Tietchens Fehlzundung Durch Scybala 3:41
B3 Gustavo Pastre Accumulation Of Strategies 4:27
B4 Crawling With Tarts Small Quiet Music For Tabletops (E) 7:22
B5 PBK w/ A.Tietchens* & G. Pastre* No Machine Is Silent 8:54
B6 So Nakatomo Asteroid 3 5:24
C1 Q.R. Ghazala* Zeitgeist Mechanique 10:21
C2 Illusion Of Safety Live 1/16/93 Club Lower Links, Chicago 11:50
C3 Aube On The Blink 8:28
D1 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe Untitled 16:30
D2 Merzbow Phyllo-Noisegrams 11:06
D3 Bacillus Butcher Floor 2:19



Released with a booklet in a special package.

Thanks to all contributing artists.
All rights reserved.

Other found images provided by Joe at Povertech.

A4 - Recorded in January '94 at Radiodrome Studio.
B4 - Recorded in performance in Oakland, California August 22, 1991. Mastered April 28, 1994.
D2 - Recorded and mixed at ZSF Studio, June 1994.