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No Odd Mass In The Void

Artist: No Odd Mass in the Void

Year: 1980
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 The Damnation Of Thirst  
A2 God In Ealing  
A3 Scrag End Ina Babylon  
A4 F.T.S. 1  
A5 I Think I'm Normal  
A6 Piano P1  
A7 Art Plop  
A8 Short Bit Of Nonsense  
A9 F.T.S. 2  
A10 Dog In A Void  
A11 Perculator  
A12 Small Part From Large Part  
A13 Boring  
A14 Ride On Out  
A15 I Woke Up This Morning  
B1 Pablo Diablo  
B2 Flying  
B3 Sigh  
B4 Kiss A Bee  
B5 Where Am I  
B6 F.T.S. 3  
B7 Under The Ocean  
B8 Culture  
B9 Very Heavy Mass  
B10 Primeaval Swampland With Rather A Lot Of Flying Creatures  
B11 Confusion The Grand Finale  
B12 Killer Ants  
B13 Meanwhile Back At The Hotel  
B14 Deep In Caves  
Tape related to The Transmitters.