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Noise Fest

Artist: Various

Year: 1982
Country: United States
Label: ZG Music
Catalog No: ZG Music 5
Format: Tape
 A1 –John Rehberger Untitled
A2 –Off Beach In Five
A3 –Lee Renaldo* Untitled
A4 –UT No Manifestos
A5 –Mofungo Scratch House
A6 –Khmer Rouge (2) Mountain Of Skulls
A7 –The Problem (10) The Problem
A8 –Blue Humans, The* The Third Colour (Excerpt)
A9 –Smoking Section Untitled
A10 –Sonic Youth Untitled
A11 –Jeff Lohn Untitled
A12 –IMA* Battery Of Life
A13 –Jules Baptiste Red Decade* Scars Of Lust (Excerpt)
A14 –EQ'D Gridlock
B1 –Avant Squares Zoom-Golly
B2 –Don King Untitled
B3 –Primatives Untitled
B4 –Ad Hoc Rock Penumbra
B5 –Y Pants Beat It Down
B6 –Barbetomagus* (Excerpt)
B7 –Economic Animal Untitled
B8 –Chinese Puzzle Dadat Dat
B9 –Glorious Strangers Why Don't You Join The Army?
B10 –Built On Guilt Earth Moves
B11 –Fakir (4) Desire
B12 –Lampshades Banana