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Notre Dame 6

Artist: Various

Year: 1991
Country: Belgium
Label: EE Tapes
Catalog No: EE Tapes, ET12
Format: Tape
A1 Cor Gout & Alain Neffe Betrayal
A2 The Kitchen / Musique Associative Change Mind
A3 Gregorian George Thousands Of Years Of Controlled Breeding
A4 Wasteland (4) Quarantaine
A5 Nostalgie Eternelle Dreamtime
A6 Flow (8) Where Evil Dwells
A7 Jeepees Soap Mistery Mark (Extract)
B1 Selfs Without Shells High God!
B2 Smell & Quim Spongo Bongo
B3 Flow (8) Do Feel To Think To Decide What To Do!
B4 Goat OO Sleep Untitled
B5 Deux Baleines Blanches This Kind Of Safety
B6 Etat Des Stocks Lady (Extract)
B7 Oblivion (8) The Slow Move


  • Mastered By  EE* (tracks: A1 to A7), Oblivion (8) (tracks: B1 to B7)


"Notre-Dame: a continuing cassette compilation series on the theme "The Human Being". 

No noise reduction. 
All songs (c) individual artists. 

The cover consists of a clear layer over a cloth layer. Attached to the cloth layer is an insert with contact details and credits. 

Hand numbered edition of 100 copies