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Nuclear Assault

Artist: Various

Year: 1995
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Blaster Records, none
Format: Tape
A1 –Drape Excrement Ground Zero 4:44
A2 –Law Trioxin 5:19
A3 –Winterkälte Novaja Semlja 3:37
A4 –Strict Principles Of A Quick Kill 7:34
A5 –Contagious Orgasm Original Sin 5:55
A6 –Myiase Bruire 4:55
A7 –M.S.B.R.* Disintegration 3:45
A8 –Aube Strand 6:04
B1 –P.M.B. Genozid Hymnus 4:49
B2 –Söldnergeist Nuclear Terror Assault 8:23
B3 –Hex Minora Radio Static Over Nagasaki 10:07
B4 –Monoid Machine 3:56
B5 –Fatal Impact Harmatom (III) 4:33
B6 –Con-Dom Purge III 3:50
Hand-numbered limited edition of 166 copies.

Cassette came sealed in a gold tin cannister (requiring a can opener to access), most copies also had a handful of sand along with a single small clear card for each artist including their contact info and 1 separate card with the label info and the numbered edition out of 166, as well as 1 more card detailing the order of tracks on the cassette.