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Nuit Horrible

Artist: Various

Year: 1991
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Klappstuhl Records, Trism 8
Format: Tape
C1 For Presidents* Psycho Dog
C2 The Stubenmusik Stiag'n Staig'n
C3 Weber & Schuster 5 X Die Woche
C4 Suzie Cream Cheese* Friends
C5 Hassan & Die Schurken Gaffa!
C6 Hans Jelinek Braune Ratten
C7 Die Echten Clarks Hexenhaus
C8 Otto Gott Faces
C9 Dr. Knockout No No No
D10 Splitting Image Mental Slavery
D11 POL* Eleven Years
D12 Chocolate Constipation Don't Boil Suzie
D13 Dr. T* If You've Got The Time
D14 Projekt X (2) Mr. McGee
D15 Family Entertainment Jimmy
D16 Die Letzte Zuckung Minimum Of Sense
D17 JZ* Going Down Slow
D18 Edi & Andi Singen Erfolge Lieder Der Nacht, Marleen
E19 Overload (15) X-Mos
E20 Stop'N'Grow Untitled
E21 Leichenschrei Hyper Drive Flesh & The Pain
E22 Weber* / Wolf* Der Räuber
E23 Martin 17 Shoot Yourself To Death
F24 Mr. Moon (4) Lection Octava
F25 Ralf Schuster Todestanztrauma
F26 Telepherique Falsche Befreier
F27 Depressive Minds Depressive Minds