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O Yuki Conjugate

Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Description: O Yuki Conjugate is an english organic ambient musical group founded in 1982 in Nottingham. Their music has also been categorized as darkwave, but perhaps more gentle than others in that genre. Members of the group vary, but include C. Elliot, R. Horberry, T. Horberry, A. Hulme, M. McGeorge, D. Mudford, and P.A. Woodhead. Instruments on the recording Peyote include tongue drums, roto-toms, bongos, congas, "big bean," "found percussion," drum machine, wind chimes, loops, frying pan, bass, samples, keyboards, fractal guitar, e-bow, flutes, chants, radio, wildlife, tablas, berimbau, nose-singing, and vocals. Their music is, apparent from this list, percussive and inventive, but it is also atmospheric. members have been Andrew Hulme, Clare Elliott, Daniel Mudford, Joe Gardiner, Malcome McGeorge, Peter Woodhead, Rob Jenkins, Roger Horberry, Tim Horberry