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Ottawa Cassettera

Artist: Various

Year: 1985
Country: Canada
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 –Kroma-Key Soul Disease 4:20
A2 –Screaming Bamboo No One's Home 4:00
A3 –D-Ploy Mirrors 3:45
A4 –Bugs Harvey Oswald Sign Or Die 3:53
A5 –Restless Virgins Blind Bargain 5:00
A6 –Breeding Ground Epic 6:51
B1 –Insect Cult The Garden Path 4:37
B2 –Porcelain Forehead Mary Tie Your Mutant Down 3:40
B3 –Randy Peters Stained Glass 3:40
B4 –Third Wave (5) Think Of Love 4:30
B5 –The Singing Fools Jihad 3:51
B6 –Ultima Thüle Father Was A Rolling Stone 6:40
Ottawa Cassettera is a Tapeworms production for CKCU-FM 93.1 in Ottawa. CKCU is a non-profit campus-community station supported in part by its listeners. All work and material on this tape has been donated