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P.F.L.P. (perfect ficition of Love and Piece)

Artist: Ice 9

Year: 1984
Country: France
Catalog No: Pt么se Production Pr茅sente K 021
Format: Tape
A1 Klumina  
A2 Zikr  
A3 North  
A4 Kremlin' (version June 1982)  
A5 Kremlin' (version May 1982)  
B1 10-31  
B2 19-21  
B3 14-03  
B4 #3  
B5 OY  
B6 MN  
B7 P.F.L.P.  
Tracks recorded January 1982 > June 1983.
Two possible titles for P.F.L.P. are: "Perfect Fiction of Love and Peace" or "Perfumed Flowers on the Lake of Piss".
This edition is the version that was distributed in France and Europe by Ptôse Production Présente. The "European" edition is paked in a plastic bag with an cover/title sheet, a booklet with info about the band, an interview and a discography and a release list of PPP itself.
Wolfgang Wiggers Rhythm Track on B-1 and B3