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Parallélisme Et Perpendicularité

Artist: Various

Year: 1986
Country: France
Catalog No: Les Nourritures Terrestres, NT 11
Format: Tape-2
A1 –Human Flesh Do You Speak Human?  
A2 –Jacques L. Vacance  
A3 –Architects Office AO 266  
A4 –Die Todschicke Wut Die Zusammenführung  
A5 –Parade Assaut Andrpov Death Disco  
B1 –Prima Linea (2) Brumes Et Monuments  
B2 –If, Bwana The Depth Of Silence  
B3 –Y.A.G.* Ivanovna Petrovna As-Tu Balayé Sous Le Buffet  
B4 –La Sonorité Jaune Parallelisme Spatial  
B5 –Paul Kelday The Decline And Demise Of Humanity  
C1 –Hula (2) Pleasure Hates Language  
C2 –The Grief Au-Delà  
C3 –Mark Lane Dreaming Reality  
C4 –Kino (5) Here Is A New Force  
C5 –Quadrature De Cercle Le Bérêt Fou  
D1 –Blaue Reiter (2) Hygiène Mentale  
D2 –De Fabriek African Disco  
D3 –AE (2) Lightning Line  
D4 –M.A.L. (2) Free Guitars  
D5 –Lieutenant Kije Cerebral Party  
Double C40, dolby C.
Both tapes are held together with giant screws,
and there's a folded info sheet inside.