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Permanent Transience

Artist: The Door and The Window

Year: 1979
Country: United Kingdom
Label: NB Records
Catalog No: NB Records
Format: Tape
A1 Empty Meeting  
A2 Fleas In Trees  
A3 Three End Feeling  
A4 D.I.Y.  
A5 Wurming  
A6 Tribe Ten  
A7 Production Line  
A8 Reduction  
B1 Don't Kill Colin  
B2 Ghosts  
B3 Pulsebeat  
B4 Crash  
B5 All You Ever Do  
B6 He Feels Like A Doris  
Available at £1,50 (incl. P+P) from NB Records, 11 Ferrestone Road, Hansey, London N8