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Pets Have Fears Too

Artist: Debt Of Nature

Year: 1983
Country: Australia
Catalog No: Real Big Dog Tapes DOG.0001
Format: Tape
  Studio & Live
A-1 Psychic Vistas  
A-2 Body Language Of A Whore  
A-3 Meat On A Leash  
A-4 Robert Blake Syndrome  
  Brad's Bedroom
B-1 CH.40  
B-2 Now Yer Dead  
B-3 Gospel Light  
B-4 Change  
B-5 See Emily Play  
B-6 Beat  
B-7 Too Much  
B-8 Seconds  
B-9 Naive Art  
  • Artwork By – Josh Laner
  • Muisc By – Jennifer F.
  • Music By – Allan/Greg, Bill Bored, Brad Laner, Chris Risley, Dinah Cancer, Don Bolles, Josh Laner, Maggie Tuch, Mike Sheppard (2), Paul B. Cutler, Pete The Beat, Simon Glickman
Reissue with packaging stuffed in cassette case. Originals copies (30) were packaged in 7" sleeve.

"Some of this was recorded at Present Time Studios. Some Was Recorded in Brad's Bedroom. Some was Recorded at various Trendy L.A. Clubs"