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Artist: Trumpetto

Year: 1982
Country: Netherlands
Label: Kufucheops
Catalog No: Kufucheops Kufu05
Format: Tape
A1 Gas Op De Plank  
A2 Jan Lul  
A3 Mignon  
A4 Basis 28  
B1 Trumpetto Snerp  
B2 Parkeergarage  
B3 Parkeergarage I I  
B4 Rendez-vous Met Betsy  
Trumpetto was Edwin Brinkhuis with support of his brother Frank Brinkhuis.

Gas Op The Plank was recorded early 1982 and it was meant for the Ende Shneafliet 'Harde Winters' cassette. But when ES sequenced the material for 'Harde Winters' they thought that 'Gas Op De Plank' (then called 'Full Throttle', which is English for 'Gas Op De Plank') didn't fit in, just like the track 'Tristar'. So 'Harde Winters' became an 8 track cassette instead of a 10 track cassette.

Then Edwin and Frank recorded a couple of other tracks, 'Parkeergarage I' and 'Parkeergarage II" and Edwin himself made 4 more tracks. Since they though that 7 tracks (under 20 min. of music) was to little for a cassette they added the Ende Shnefliet demo 'Rendez-vous With Betsy' and it therefore became 'Phobos'.

The cassette was released in a small edition on Trumpett sublabel Kufucheops in May 1982
According to Edwin the staff-edition of the 'Phobos' cassette was on colored paper (light green, light pink, light blue, light grey...), and the regular sales-edition on white paper. Both editions with added felt-pen lines.

After the Summer a 2nd edition was released on Kubus Kassettes (red sleeve).

Note that 'Full Throttle', as it is an outtake of 'Harde Winters', is on side 2 of the 2nd Ende Shneafliet' LP in the Ende Shneafliet / VOD box (VOD129), and that the demo version of 'Rendez-Vous With Betsy' is on side 1 of the 5th Ende Shneafliet' LP in the Ende Shneafliet / VOD-Records-Box (VOD129).

A follow-up Trumpetto cassette, named 'Das Pronto', was planned for release on Kufucheops in 1983, but after 3 tracks were turned into Ende Shneafliet tracks ('Dieuwertje's Corps', 'Peaksenz' and 'Lauda') the remaining 5 or 6 tracks were never really finished.