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Pigs For Lepers

Artist: Smegma

Year: 1982
Country: United States
Catalog No: Pigface Records, Pigface Records 007
Format: Vinyl Lp

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Recorded at Smegma Studios late '81 - early '82.

Usually in a handmade cover of which there are many variations. The front will usually have the band name at top, stenciled or perhaps silkscreened, and record title hand-written at bottom. The central image is a pasted-on color xerox of a baby doll head on a plucked chicken's body. Back covers have a lot more variation, and may be silkscreened, done in marker pens, painted, and/or collage.

May include one or more inserts including:
- double sided 8.5" by 11" with collage on one side and credits on reverse
- single sided 7.5" by 8.5" collage with various text
- single sided 8.5" by 3.75" collage with text "And THEN tHe AnGry DUCKS said, "QUACK, qUAcK, QUACK"."

Later on, 40 copies with no covers were given full color silkscreen covers reproducing one of original handmade covers.