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Artist: Greg Horn

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No: self-released
Format: Tape
A1 Something To Look Up To 3:23
A2 Beautiful Engineer 4:20
A3 Dumb But Happy 2:50
A4 Too Bad About Walter 3:00
A5 Head Full Of Bees 3:00
A6 Keep It Simple 1:43
A7 Politics Is Everything 2:45
A8 Good Or Evil 1:21
A9 Hand Of Power 1:54
A10 Big Mass 3:17
A11 Beat The White 2:11
B1 His Face Itch 3:05
B2 Experts Have Been Wrong 3:44
B3 Faith In Ourselves 2:42
B4 This And That 2:42
B5 Walls Close In 2:17
B6 The Good Life 4:00
B7 Red Ear 3:02
B8 Stay In Bed 3:02
B9 One More Winter 4:51