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Poplars Clattering

Artist: Enrico Piva

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Label: Ladd Frith
Catalog No: Ladd Frith
Format: Tape


A1 We Die One 30:38
B1 We Die Two 30:30


This tape includes two inserts.
Places: Wiesbaden 1984, Wilhelmshaven 1979, Kawagoe 1981, Padova 1987, Bou Izakarn 1969, Kananga 1982, Ploumanach 1986, Concarneau 1986.
Voices: Uwe H. (Dead 1986), Akita H. (Dead 1985), Giacomo S., Habu R.(Dead 1974), Sadik A.R., Jacques B.(Dead 1987).
Notes: Assembled in memory of those (now dead) who have given a piece of their voice for my archives to testify their existence.