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Popular Soviet Songs And Youth Music

Artist: Zoviet France

Year: 1985
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Singing Ringing
Format: Tape
Spezification: 2xC90
A1 Tier Of Veils  
A2 Ram  
  Stains And Filth In The Convent AOUEI
A3 Duir  
A4 Zone  
A5 Straif (La Mère Du Bois) Z Estrif  
A6 White Track (Fire Frost)  
A7 Veil  
A8 Pesach  
A9 Decoy  
A10 Yezidi  
B1 ?????? ????  
  Yezidi Circle Trap
B2 Signal  
B3 Sidi  
B4 Birch Brake  
B5 Sein  
B6 Spin (Helissein)  
B7 Tan-Tal  
B8 Ma-Ja  
B9 Whip  
B10 Veil  
B11 Fearn  
C1 Burning Bush  
  Beak And Snout
C2 Sidhe (Riuben)  
C3 Marsh  
C4 Swine  
C5 Marsh  
C6 Signal (Circe)  
C7 Migration  
C8 Burning Bush  
C9 Sheol  
D1 Veil (Sloe Semen)  
D2 Signal  
D3 Chirm Ela  
D4 Chirm Geis  
D5 Charm Aliso  
D6 Shewel  
D7 Yezidi (Say)  
  • Composed By [Uncredited], Performer [Uncredited] – Ben Ponton, Paolo Di Paolo, Robin Storey
Feathers collected from the shores of the Irish Sea, the most radioactive area of seawater on Earth.

2 x cassettes come packaged inside a ceramic pot, with a stick, feathers, a flag, etc. There is also an instruction sheet, telling you what to do with these elements. Some instructions were serious, and others were silly.