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Possession Ov Thee Matrix

Artist: Women Of The SS

Year: 1984
Country: United States
Catalog No: Inner X Musick, X, Private Edition
Format: Tape
  Possession Ov Thee Matrix
A Possession Ov Thee Matrix  
B1 Thee Eye Inside  
B2 Tied To A Chair With-A-Licking Hole  
  Women Iz Beast
C1 Iron Skirt Introduction  
C2 Orgasm!  
C3 Trying To Please The SS  
C4 Beware, It Kums  
C5 Slither - You Must  
C6 In Due Tim  
D1 Az Kiss A Woman  
D2 Measured In Secret  
D3 Legs So Soft  
D4 Shown Desire  
D5 Punctured  
D6 Will You Watch Me?  
D7 Masterbation Waltz  
This is a private limited and numbered edition including:

1. Thee original "Possession ov thee Matrix" 7" without the original cover (compare XXX-SEX-1)
2. Thee original "Women Iz Beast" C60 (compare XXX20)
3. An A4-sized booklet ov heavy graphikal content.

The complete set is enclosed in an LP-sized cover with the "Possession Ov Thee Matrix" cover glued on.

This is an official release.