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Primitive Music From Another Place

Artist: Foreign World

Year: 1983
Country: Canada
Catalog No: FW121904-01
Format: Tape
A1 Suffocation 6:12
A2 The Earth In My Hands 3:32
A3 The Visitation 7:22
A4 Throat Disease 6:11
A5 Underneath The Ice 3:04
A6 Lost 2:51
B1 Paranoia 4:20
B2 Mesheshessa 3:34
B3 Lunatic Delight 1:30
B4 Alien Tale 2:30
B5 Parasites 3:06
B6 Underground Snare 3:53
B7 Fragment 1 3:15
B8 Fragment 2 4:43
B9 Soul's Club 2:32

Written, played, recorded, and produced by:

Foreign World

©(P) 1983 Foreign Music

This K7

.00 post paid from:

F.W. 5155 Langelier, Montreal, Canada