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PtĂ´se Production

Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Description: The word Ptose is a medical term that signifies a prolapse of the abdominal organs due to a relaxation of the diaphragm, and the thoracic and abdominal muscles. It is always tied to the notion of a fall, of a subsidence and of a laxity. Ptose Production is a group that consist of 2 steady members: Lionel and Benoit, who form the nucleus, the satellite members whose participation is irregular (Ericka Irganon, ZZ…) and the producer John Jean Cabanis. Lionel and Benoit founded the group on Xmas day in 1979, and made a recording with old damaged instruments, toys and an electric guitar. It had a distribution of about 20 copies, being sent to friends and correspondents. As it seemed to manifest a certain interest, Ptose Production decided to continue in its activities. A few concerts were given that horrified the audience who were completely lost, but these concerts allowed the group to meet J.J. Cabanis, who became their producer.   With him Ptose Production recorded a cassette and mini LP. These attracted the attention of Pierre Turmel of Sordid Sentimental, who proposed to publish an extract of the cassette to include in his new magazine Isolation Intellectuelle. WOMEN IN THE MOON had a distribution of 1100. The group then associated itself with John J. to form the non-lucrative association of Ptose Production Presente. PPP edited and distributed cassettes of the group and by others. They are only sold through subscription and are limited editions, numbered and in specially designed packages. This formula having gained encouraging success, PPP now distributes moreover compilations and cassettes by other members Les Chats, ZZ….). All cassettes have been produced by John J. They have been recorded on two cassette machines and one tape recorder, with the aid of a Yamaha CS10 synthesizer, an electric guitar, electric bass, a flageolet, toy piano, various drums and boxes, a children’s electric organ, old fashioned piano, some cymbals and a rhythm box. The members of the group have not had an musical training, be it theoretical or technical. The tape recorder is indispensable to their activities (musical) and it is considered to be an instrument in its own right. The piece “Zoo In Budapest” for example consists of a series of tape loops. The group is composed in a very uncertain fashion, through the superimposition of recordings. The repetitions, the errors and chance all play an important role in the music of PPP. It is moreover influenced greatly by counting rhymes and childhood songs (nursery rhymes and rhythms) that the members particularly have an affection for. Indeed they do give to the whole thing a puerile and immature air…