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Rational Youth

Gender: Mixed
Country: Canada
Canadian synth pop / post-punk band influenced by Kraftwerk. Formed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in1980 by Tracy Howe, former drummer for Montreal punk bands The Normals (later Heaven Seventeen) and synthesizer players Bill Vorn and Mario Spezza. The latter was eventually replaced by Kevin Komoda, who in turn left the group in 1983, and was replaced by bassist Denis Duran. They reunited for a synth-pop festival in Sweden in 1997 and were officially revived by Tracy Howe in 1998 with Jean-Claude Cutz and Dave Rout, both ex-members of Digital Poodle, recording their comeback after fourteen years. Kevin Komoda rejoined the band during 2012-2014, but the current line-up consists only of Tracy Howe and his wife Gaenor Howe.