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Savage Republic

Gender: Male
Country: Netherlands
Description: Hailing from the Los Angeles underground of the 1980s, Savage Republic forged an astonishing reputation for themselves with their legendary performances. Their brand of ritualistically tribal exhibitions blurred the boundaries of Post-Punk and Industrial music. Their music incorporates minimalist bass rumbles, exotic and/or militaristic drumming, Arabic melodies, primal chants and even a bit of surf guitar. Members through the years : Bruce Licher : guitar, bass, percussion, vocals Ethan Port : guitars, percussion, metal horn, voice Greg Grunke : guitar, bass, dulcimer, vocals Jackson Del Rey : vocals, guitar & percussion Jeff Long : vocals, bass & guitar Mark Erskine : drums, percussion, bongos, vocals Robert Loveless : keyboards, bass, mandolin, percussion Thom Fuhrmann : bass, trombone, keyboards, vocals