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Seiei Jack Nackahara & Magthea

Gender: Male
Description: A Japanese multi-media artist operating intermittently since 1982, a leading representative of neoism and a composer dealing in a variety of stylings within industrial music, he is also known for appearing as The JOKE PROJECT and [R.A.A.O.] (short for RE-APOCALYPSE AUTOMATIC ORCHESTRA). Also, he was actively involved first in the international cassette network, and later in the Internet domain of industrial culture. As a composer, he has been noted for his works made in collaboration with the likes of Rafael FLORES, ZANSTONES or HYBRYDS that were released on various compilation albums. A considerable number of them were part of his nume- rous audio-video exhibitions involving sound installations and video art, mail art, painting, photography, and cyber art. They appear to fuse art noise, experimental techno, ambient music, and even jazz and heavy metal. Thematically, they are concerned with identity of an individual and interpersonal relations within the context of stormy civilisation transfor- mation and rapid technological progress. He is also the head of his own TJP DISTRIBUTION label, operating since 1982. Selected discography: collaboration with MAGTHEA Apocalypse Project/The Joke Project 1985-86 (TJP Distribution 1986) tape