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Shindii Shimae

Artist: Go Back To Your Precious Wife And Son

Year: 1984
Country: Australia
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 - Tea Lady
A2 - Mothers Day/This Is Your Life/Dolphins/Rodeo Song (Live)
A3 - Let's Begin/Good Morning
A4 - Monkey Machine
A5 - Fine Musician
A6 - Sun & Seduction
A7 - Disease Quay
A8 - All My Life 
A9 - Banana Whip
B1 - Rhythmic Arc
B2 - Clambake For Man (Neil & Gladys)
B3 - Wadi & Nirg
B4 - Benzedrine
B5 - Happ Famblies
B6 - KR2206XMUL
B7 - Aquinas
B8 - Soowhooshita
B9 - Polaris
B10 - Smokey's Slug
B11 - Letter From An Anonymous Chinese Communist Scholar
B12 - GD7
C90 cassette with spray painted 7 inch single and children's book.