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Side 2

Artist: Severed Heads

Year: 1980
Country: Australia
Catalog No: Terse Tapes, TRS005/Wrong 5
Format: Tape
A1 Much About Bones  
A2 Scat  
A3 Pander To The Natives  
A4 For Garry  
A5 The Monkey Is Safe  
A6 1-2-3 A Baby Buggy  
A7 34 Pin-Stripe-Bus  
B1 The Man Of My Dreams [Live]  
B2 Hello Donald, Merry Christmas  
Wrong/Terse 5
All songs by Severed Heads - Richard Fielding, Tom Ellard.

This cassette is intended as the second side to the first Severed Heads album Ear Bitten. First released in a folder, then later in a color photostat box.