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Artist: Maeror Tri / Telepherique

Year: 1998
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Rendezvouz Radikal,none
Format: Vinyl 7"
Spezification: m/m-
  • Pressed By – Gramofonové Závody – AO 10415
  • Pressed By – Gramofonové Závody – AO 10416
The basic ideas for this project originated from the simulation-processes you can find in our "modern" society.

The tracks were recorded and mastered in 1996 and 1997.
Telepherique wishes to thank Jürgen Eckloff and Maeror Tri.

Comes in a handmade net-package with single-sided cardboard insert. Limited edition of 550 copies.

Label name appears on release as "Rendevous Radikal"
A Telepherique– Spielhölle 8:14
B Maëror Tri [...]*– Simulation-Society 7:46