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Sinclair's Luck

Artist: Cultural Amnesia

Year: 1983
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Hearsay And Heresy none, Iron Banana IB3
Format: Tape
1 Green-Cage Cabaret  
2 Khana Kloof  
3 Beautiful Song  
4 Here To Go  
5 Satisfaction  
6 Colour Blind  
7 The Dogtooth Spar  
8 The Pigs Are Coming  
9 Have You Seen The Ghost?  
10 Sinclair's Luck  
11 The Man About Town  
12 Victor  
13 Shallow Water  
The second collection from CA, it was a kind of work-in-progress selection and included a number of tracks intended for the albums The Undertow of Evening and Obscenity, though both of these two remained unreleased. John Balance designed the packaging.