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Soleilmoon Recordings

Years running:
Country: United States
Description: Soleilmoon Recordings is run and owned by Charles Powne. Soleilmoon began in 1987 as a cassette label, operating from the back of a tiny little record shop called the Ooze. The first releases were by Smegma, Muslimgauze, Coil, and Nocturnal Emissions. Compact disc releases soon followed in increasing numbers, until eventually all of the cassettes were deleted. The label has also issued vinyl records, video tapes, and DATs. The artists presented by Soleilmoon cover many musical territories, but all share in common an appreciation of the possibilities available through the creative use of technology. Much of the music is dark and electronic, but there are also examples of ethnic influences, ambient soundscapes, and even harsh experimental noise pieces. Soleilmoon’s sister company was Staalplaat, which was based in Netherlands but is now based in Germany. Each distributed the other in its home country. They parted ways in 2000 following the death of Bryn Jones (Muslimgauze).